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As some of you know, I am a big fan of the City of Angels. With that said, I am not a fan of the very unpredictable traffic situation we have in Los Angeles. Rule of thumb, you can’t time traffic in Los Angeles. And when you think you have the perfect time and formula for traffic, it will surely change its pattern in no time.

During these long travels, driving clients from property to property, I can’t help but to reflect on how large and diverse Los Angeles really is. It’s huge!

Interestingly enough, it was Mother’s Day that I realized I have lost touch with Downtown Los Angeles.

My daughter asked me what I wanted for Mothers Day to which I said, “I want to tour Downtown LA”. I told her I had been there many times, but I felt I had not seen the best of it yet. Knowing her response would be less than enthusiastic, I knew I had to use the Mothers Day card to my advantage. I won!

In searching for things to do and visit with my sweet tween, I was overwhelmed with the amount of activities, museums and entertainment I haven’t yet experienced. I felt even worse for Kyra, my daughter. After all, she was born here.

The plan was to start in Olvera Street, and when looking at the map, we realized Union Station is a few blocks away. As well as Walt Disney Concert Hall, Chinatown, The Los Angeles Cathedral and The lower part of Angels Flight. This is all walking distance. While mapping this route,I reassured Kyra this would  be a great adventure. Still unable to see the fun in my plan, I could see “torture” written all over her.

Less then three miles, you have LA Live. LA Live has drastically changed entertainment in Los Angeles. LA Live offers an array of delicious restaurants, such as Rock’n Fish, one of my favorites. Sporting and music events in the Staples Center as well as high end accommodations by the Ritz Carlton or Marriott Hotels near by. Evening time, LA Live is very exciting.

Kyra is yet to appreciate how unique Los Angeles really is, I can’t blame her, she’s young. All I can do is expose her as often as possible to the special traits, real estate, neighborhoods, cultures, food and people the City of Angels has to offer. The rest is up to her!

Stay tuned for pictures from our Downtown Los Angeles adventure!

Happy Day!

Karina Pacific




Karina Pacific

Beautiful Los Angeles. From the truly stunning views of our sunsets and beaches, to the rich diversity of our communities, Karina Pacific love it all. As a life-long Los Angeles resident, Karina Pacific has always held a deep appreciation towards our city's real estate and in particular, the unique stylistic nuances found in each community. Whether you are an aspiring first time home buyer, or an entrepreneur looking for investment property, or simply dreaming of the perfect vacation home, Karina can successfully navigate buyers and sellers to achieve their ideal real estate needs. Using the latest marketing techniques and technologies, Karina will use her intimate knowledge of our individual cities to develop and create the perfect marriage of buyer and seller. Let Karina Pacific help you achieve your real estate goal and find the property of your dreams.

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