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U.S. Mortgage Rates Increase For First Time In 7 Weeks

Are we so accustomed to amazingly low mortgage rates that this increase is a suprise? I have to be honest, while this new change caught me a bit off guard, I am sure you’ll agree with me, it was bound to happen. It has been wonderful to hear stories from clients and friends who have […]

What does the $25B Foreclosure Settlement mean to buyers, sellers and homeowners?

California to Receive $18 Billion in Mortgage Settlement On February 9, Attorney General Kamala D. Harris announced that California secured up to $18 billion for its distressed homeowners as part of a $25 billion national multistate settlement with the country’s five largest loan servicers. More than $12 billion will be used to offer short sales […]

Housing Crisis to End in 2012 as Banks Loosen Credit Standards

Capital Economics expects the housing crisis to end this year, according to a report released Tuesday. One of the reasons: loosening credit. Whether you are refinancing or buying your first new home, these news are good. But keep in mind good credit scores are part of the game. Read what DS News has to say […]


Is it fair to say you may enjoy a good deal or bargain from time to time? Like me, you may take the time to research for the very best deal or stumble upon one which is always exciting. During this era of Daily deals, holiday savings and incentives, paying retail has become a thing […]