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Eliminate daily home costs.

Getting the most out of your home entails some skill, creativity, maintenance, and much effort, both inside and out. It’s easy to overlook the little things around the house causing unnecessary costs throughout the year. Let me urge you to identify and eliminate some of these simple money-suckers. Recommended reading! Have a great weekend, Karina Pacific […]

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation week is typically  the beginning of May. This year it happened to be May 7th~May 11th. I’m embarrassed to say I missed it. As a parent and full time working mom, one gets bombarded with all sorts of things to do, from all angles of life. This year has been so incredibly busy, […]

9 Documents That Help You Reap Real Estate Tax Breaks

It’s that time of year-Tax time. The IRS Tax filing deadline is on Tuesday, April 17, 2012. I’m a fan of getting our taxes done by the end of February. After the New Year, I actually look forward to gathering up all paperwork while organizing all numbers, possible deductions and itemizing details. It is also during this time when I realize […]

LOVE Valentines Day!

Yes, I’m one of those who loves Valentines Day! And here’s why; *It reminds me to be grateful and honor friends and loved ones! *The theme is Red and Pink (I personally LOVE Red) *I love that little cupid guy *The day sets the tone of LOVE and *It’s my anniversary!!! For those of you […]