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Let’s get ready for El Niño

A strong El Niño is underway. While it is good news that drought improvement is predicted in California, many of us are simply not prepared for its rain pour and strength. 28 things to do to prepare for El Niño rains this season is a great list for your homes and business building preparation. Preparation […]

Hermosa Beach hosting The Special Olympics

Hermosa Beach is excited to host the Special Olympics July 21st -July 25th 2015 The Special Olympics is a global movement that unleashes the human spirit through the transformative power and joy of sports, every day around the world. They empower people with intellectual disabilities to become accepted and valued members of their communities, which leads to […]

Preparing for Earthquakes

In spite of the recent shakes in California, I came across Senator Boxer’s “Preparing for earthquakes” email notice very handy and wanted to share. Before an earthquake: Build an emergency kit and make a family communications plan. Secure items in your home that could fall during a quake, especially heavy objects and overhead light fixtures. Make sure water […]

Paddle board year round!

I have lived by the beach most of my life, yet I have never paddle board. How is that possible? Although I grew up at the beach, paddle-boarding was never something my family did. I was never introduced to it until moving to the Southbay. During the summer, my 11 year old finished her first […]

The Pocket listings phenomenon

Pocket listings aka “off-market” listings have become more and more common for the quietly listed properties. Why? you may wonder…I know I did. For as long as I have been in Real Estate, I have often questioned why a seller would list this way. How can a realtor effectively test the market and secure the […]

What’s new in Los Angeles

As some of you know, I am a big fan of the City of Angels. With that said, I am not a fan of the very unpredictable traffic situation we have in Los Angeles. Rule of thumb, you can’t time traffic in Los Angeles. And when you think you have the perfect time and formula […]

Pinterest craze

It’s official, I am addicted to Pinterest. Believe it or not, it’s actually quite fun and therapeutic at times, but do I need another distraction? Yes!!! It reminds me of an Old School Vision Board, but a digital one and that’s what I love about it the most. Pinterest is an online pin board or […]