5 Ways To Protect Your Home From Mold

While winter may not see constant rain day in, day out, it’s nevertheless a challenging time of year for most households. Without the proper precautions and planning, your home may be susceptible to various rain-related problems – including mold. Not only is it unsightly, mold’s effects run deeper than the aesthetic: mold has been known to cause irritated throats, congestion, coughing, eye discomfort, and skin issues. In some rare cases, it can even lead to infections in people suffering from serious problems with their immune system. Here are our five tips for protecting your home during the upcoming rainy season.

>> Dry Dampness Without Delay. Wet areas, created by rain seeping through a hole in your ceiling or down into your basement, should be addressed as soon as possible. Hire, or buy, a dehumidifier, and open your windows from time to time to allow moisture to escape. Also, if you see condensation forming anywhere, wipe it down immediately. 
>>Identify Problem Zones Before the Rainy Season Starts. Pay attention to every room for dampness, condensation or dripping. Any and all of these can lead to dampness and, ultimately, mold. Take care to address such issues with effective moisture control before the season begins. 
>> Never Underestimate Good Ventilation. Every home has appliances that create moisture (such as stoves, driers etc.), but it’s important to make sure these are being vented outdoors rather than running up to your attic, allowing the moisture to escape. 
>> Inspect Your Roof Gutters. Your gutters may well have been damaged without your realizing, and lead to leaks over the coming months. Either examine them yourself, or hire a professional to do so on your behalf. 
>> Buy a Moisture Meter to Monitor Your Humidity.  Levels A moisture meter is one of your best tools against mold. According to the EPA, levels should be kept at between 30 and 60 percent – anything over this in your home, and you should pay attention to potential condensation, leaking pipes, or damp patches on walls. 

Source from Mold Blogger

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