Ready to Unlock Your Dated
Home's Potential?

Are you feeling trapped by your home's dated design?

Would you like to sell as-is? The choice is yours. 

Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered!


Together, we will craft a plan to sell your home as-is or update a few dated features while giving you the necessary flexibility to maximize your bottom line.

My team knows how to highlight your property’s unique appeal, from older kitchens to sleek, dated bathrooms to current and functional beauties.

Contact me for a walkthrough and discuss—no obligations, of course.


I can provide;

Don’t let dated features hold you back! 

Hey Neighbor!

I’m Karina, your local neighborhood realtor and dog lover.

You may have seen my dog Lucy & I walking the community, catching up with neighbors and other four-legged friends!

I have lived in North Redondo for over 20 years and I also enjoy helping the community as a Redondo Beach Rotarian!

I’d love to connect with you and help with your buying, selling, renting, or investing needs!

I'm just around the corner!

Hi there! How can I help?

I’m here for all your real estate needs and questions.

Have a question? Call or text me at 310-529-4292

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