Design Tips for Small Spaces

Sometimes the smallest spaces are the best places: they are cozy, comfortable and more intimate.

The downside though is that they can be difficult to design.

If you want your small space to feel more cozy than claustrophobic, here are a few tips to incorporate into any living space.

-Hang a mirror on the wall — mirrors reflect light and open up the space.
-Use light or sheer curtains — avoid making a room feel smaller with heavy drapes or curtains.
-Decorate in light or neutral colors – save the bright and bold shades for bigger spaces.
-Minimize tabletop decor – or anything that will give a cluttered appearance.
-Use rugs to define spaces – if you have an open living/dining space, create separation with area rugs.
-Have furniture with exposed legs — for a sleeker look, avoid clunky or heavy furniture.
-Declutter, declutter, declutter – the number one way to make any room feel bigger.

​Do you have a small space in your home? Which one of these tips do you think you’ll try?

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