How do you come up with the list price for a home?

This is a great question and one that I often get from first-time sellers. I always start by touring my clients’ homes with them to understand things like amenities, condition of your home and any upgrades you’ve made since you bought it.

Then, I run comparative market analysis, or “comps” to determine fair market value. The report analyzes similar homes in your area and what they’ve sold for, homes in your area that are under contract but haven’t closed and competing properties that are currently for sale.

When I recommend a pricing strategy, I typically take into consideration:

-Size/square footage of the home

-Number of bedrooms and bathrooms

-Condition of the property — has it been well-maintained and does it have a good foundation?

-Amenities such as central air/HVAC, smart home technology and so on.

-The age of the house, along with the age of mechanical and structural components such as roof, heating, and cooling systems.

-To get the most for your investment, should the home be staged or not. 

-Location, location, location! We look at the appeal of the neighborhood or school district and desirability of the lot.

If you’re thinking about selling (it’s still a great time to list!) I would be happy to help you through this complex but exciting process and have an initial conversation!

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