Our splendid Earth and everything on it receives and contributes to an ever-shifting and evolving flow of energy. We are all connected through this energy, and we have an incredible amount of control over our own experience if we only pay attention to it. I didn’t learn that I could tap into this energy in order to harmonize and balance my life until my darling husband started giving me a bit of trouble. But we’ll get into that a little later.

First, let’s talk about Feng Shui.

Most of us have heard about Feng Shui in the context of interior design, but what is it really? As far back as the third century, Classical Chinese Feng Shui has been leveraged by a lineage of grand masters who know how to interpret the energy of a place—whether a home, business building or a structure—studying how that place interacts with the direction of water and its surrounding environment is key.

Just as wind and water are two key elements in energy, wind and water are the literal translations of Feng Shui—the most elemental energy sources that are applied to any geographical or architectural structure. Once the energy of an environment is understood, it can be harnessed to enhance, inspire, and transform our human experience.

At times, that environment must be configured for the benefits to our health, relationships, and wealth to prosper. Isn’t that an intriguing concept? That we have the power to activate positive outcomes in our lives? And as the Earth and its energy shifts during each trip around the sun, we can shift our environment right along with it to remain aligned with the energy. 

A certified Classical Chinese Feng Shui consultant can aid you in tapping into this power. I offer you my trained knowledge as an extension of my real estate services.

You are probably wondering how I came to be trained in the Feng Shui discipline. Remember that I mentioned that my husband was giving me a bit of trouble?

 Well, here is what I call my Troublemaker Story: 

Years ago, while I cooked dinner each evening, my husband would sit in a certain chair and read. When dinner was ready, he would get up and immediately create conflict and arguments—a real troublemaker. Sometimes he was a bit prickly, other times feisty enough to notice a pattern. He noticed it too, but couldn’t seem to put his finger on it. We were ultimately perplexed about it because it detracted from the special time of the day that we got to spend together—dinnertime.

We had recently bought new furniture for our home, and my husband suggested that we consult with a Feng Shui specialist to help us place it. I agreed, thinking, 

What’s the harm? 

When the consultant arrived, she went straight to my husband’s chair—the one where he read before dinner each night—and asked with conviction, “Who sits in that troublemaker chair?”

It turns out that the chair was angled to activate the “conflict or troublemaker sector” in our home. Reading in that chair each evening was the impetus for my husband’s troublemaking. Once we moved the chair, dinnertime became smooth and harmonious. Immediately. 

This is why I am passionate about Feng Shui. And that is why I studied to be certified as a Classical Chinese Feng Shui consultant.

Feng Shui enhances health, prosperity, and relationships by leveraging a property’s energy potential, a.k.a. Chi. Feng Shui helped my family, and I have seen it enhance other lives, as well. My confidence in the power of Feng Shui stems from first-hand experience and witnessing it work for the people I love the most.

That’s why I know it will help you.

By applying the standards of Classical Chinese Feng Shui to your home and workspace, especially prior to new construction, a remodel or choosing a new home, I will provide you with a tailored walkthrough that details improvements that will allow you to relax and actualize your vast potential.

For example, bathrooms have the ability to flush away our good energy and prosperity. Proper placement of bathrooms during construction is the best way to mitigate this danger. But, if a bathroom already exists, its detracting qualities can be controlled by applying Feng Shui harmony in other spaces in the home.

In the kitchen, the stove—or source of fire—can inflame issues. The location of your stove should be compatible with its fire energy.


Your bed should be positioned to point your strong sectors to harness strengthening energy while you are asleep and at your most vulnerable.

Despite being a centuries-old art, Feng Shui is a timeless touchstone for achieving balance, prosperity and therefore has transitioned seamlessly into the modern era. Perhaps in the present, more than any other time—with our fast-paced lives, long working hours, family demands, traffic, and social media—we are distracted from our own feelings and shifts in energy. That’s where I come in. I will help you put your space in perfect harmony so that you can FEEL the difference.

If you sense that some element of satisfaction—even undefined—is missing from your life, Classical Chinese Feng Shui may the method that will unlock the energy potential in your property, and in you, in order to make good things happen in your life. And I offer the same professional dedication to assessing that energy as I do to attending to your real estate needs.

I look forward to helping you explore the power of Feng Shui. Please contact me to discuss your home, renovation or business office audit needs. 

Thank you!

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