Preparing to sell your home!

Low-interest rates and low inventory = lots of buyers searching for the next place to call home.

If putting your home on the market sounds a little tempting right now, you are definitely not alone!

There are a few things to consider:

1) How fast are you willing to move?

Although there are no guarantees that your home will sell as quickly as we want it to, I would never want you to list it “just to see what happens” and then find yourself scrambling to find an Airbnb while we finish up your very own home search. 

If you are planning to sell, what is the next step?

And are you ready to make a move if we get an offer right away? 

Do you need time and the equity to move- remember, we have programs for that convenience.

2) What is your budget for a new home?

If you’re selling — and especially if you’re selling for the first time — you may consider selling costs involved — including any home repairs, closing costs, and moving expenses.

3) What will you need to do to prep your home for sale?

If you’ve lived in your home for years and haven’t made any updates, you may consider minor renovations. Even in a market like this, minor fixes will max your dollar and ROI.

You and I can discuss what you’re willing to change, and how those changes will speak to your specific buyer.

Let’s Identify YOUR HOME buyer!

Part of selling your home is creating a pre-selling plan for YOUR home. Every plan varies, and I am here to help every step of the way, and it will be worth your ROI.

Part of the plan is identifying your very specific buyer- the buyer that will appeal to your particular niche market, neighborhood, size house, bedroom count, layout, and so many other factors.

This is what I am good at, and sharing this with you is power.

Most sellers do not dive deep into this process.

I would love to do this with you.

Think of the supermarket. Every item is perfectly displayed to stand out along the isles for you to like, grab and go.
If items are misplaced, dirty, and unorganized, we are more likely to keep walking.

There is a lot of research and MONEY in supermarket isles for the purpose of quick and easy convenience.

Also, supermarket products change neighborhood to neighborhood, season to season.

The why “identifying your home buyer” is essential to your bottom line.

Staging a home is all about making the best possible first impression on prospective buyers. But at the same time, we’re not Selling Sunset here, this real life!

What we need to do is make your home look more spacious and free from clutter.

Here are three staging tips that will help make your home look larger.

  1. SWAP COLORS FOR NEUTRAL TONES. White, grey, and beige are your friends when staging your home.
    Swap brightly colored curtains or bed linens for white ones (even in the kids’ rooms!).
    Target and Ikea have some super affordable options.
    Painting the walls lighter can make a room appear bigger, too.
    If you want to make a room feel larger, hang a mirror on the wall!
    Not only do mirrors reflect light, but they also reflect the view, which tends to lend a perception of more space.
    Even if you love the end table you have next to the sofa, excess furniture may make your space feel cluttered — and, therefore, smaller.
    Buyers might not fall in love with your great-grandmother’s antique sewing table, but they will fall in love with your bright open floor plan and layout.

Staging varies from house to house, and this is part of our pre-marketing plan.

I am so excited to discuss this and more with you!

For a consultation, please text, email, or call!

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I’m here for all your real estate needs and questions.

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