Solar Power Benefits!

Is Solar Power a Smart Choice for Homeowners?
More green-thinking homeowners are turning to solar power as seasonal cold and hot temperature swings become more severe. To assist your clients with making the best choices, here are several considerations to discuss before they invest in a solar system.

1. Will adding solar affect my home’s value?
In today’s market, a 10-kilowatt solar system will increase a home’s value by approximately $60,000.

2. How expensive is the initial system?
Since solar systems are custom designed for each home, the cost can vary. Last year the average solar deal was $30,945, and that is holding true for 2022. And while some states offer incentives, the homeowner’s insurance company may levy additional costs.

3. Will our home’s location be suitable?
The Southwestern U.S. is the best location for solar panels, but they can be financially advantageous anywhere the sun shines – even as far north as Alaska.1


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